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At OCR Commodities we cultivate relationships that are more than surface deep. We are attuned to the industry with a network of wide and deep-rooted relationships across the soft commodity industry, which we have built, grown and maintained for well over a decade. We have notable success in our work in the soft and agricultural commodity sector, as we have spent time cultivating relationships through presence at trade events and with frequent travel to visit client offices.


These aspects allow us to delve further into understanding what our clients do and the culture of each client we deal with and nurture relationships further. We have deep knowledge across the agricultural sector, and our network and presence also allow us to be involved in the industries we deal with and, therefore, how companies and candidates respond to the ever-changing market conditions.

Using our retained recruitment model, we specialise in finding the right talent for you. Using expertise, technology, and a professional service, we focus the search on what you want but also use our industry knowledge to identify trends in the soft commodity recruitment space.

1. Retainer: 

Ahead of getting a role on board we strive to always build rapport with our clients, in understanding both company culture and recruitment needs. We work with clients globally who we share similar values with, therefore working with clients who we know and understand and helping them find the best talent for the role. Following retention and committing to our process, we discuss the requirements of the role at hand with you to build that rapport to understand what you are looking for in a candidate and the circumstances of the hire.

2. Heatmap:

Delving into the candidate landscape with our ‘heatmap’ strategy, we map out a comprehensive list of profiles tailored to your specific needs and expectations. This process allows us to put together a variety of profiles to present to you, fitting with the job description and requirements relayed to us during our conversations with you. Your feedback here is crucial, guiding us to refine our search and curate the best fits for the next stage.

3. Shortlist:We collaborate closely with you to transform the broad spectrum of potential profiles from the heatmap into a precise shortlist by focusing our search using insight gained through the heatmap discussion to identify potential profiles of interest who we then have primary screening conversations with. This shortlist comprises of relevant, qualified and engaged individuals who have been briefed on the specifications of the role and who are interested to have further conversations and interviews with.

4. Interview:In the interview stage, we manage and organise these conversations for you, whether online or in-person, and provide comprehensive support to ensure an effective and meaningful dialogue between you and the potential candidates. 

5. Offer: Once you have found the ideal candidate and have had sufficient discussions and are ready to make an offer we provide help and support to act as a liaison between yourself and the candidate and offer reference and background checks.

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