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“Welcome to the OCR Commodities Recruitment Services website. Founded in 2010, OCR Commodities is a
specialist recruitment business which delivers a bespoke and individual service. With an extensive
knowledge, experience and network within the soft commodities sector, we are able to recognise and fulfil the
needs of our clients, whilst placing candidates efficiently and effectively to maximise their growth potential.
The business is made up of ex-industry players, we are commodities people doing recruitment. We have a
straightforward mission; Helping all we meet to reach their full potential.

The business was built around the unique needs of recruiting for the commodities sector. The sector relies
on far-reaching personal relationships in soft and agricultural commodities. Whilst our team has unrivalled
personal networks, it is our deep experience within the commodities industry that allows to effectively assess
the best talent. Finally, we bring a sense of purpose to our work; we are mature unicorn hunters who enjoy
what we do.

Importantly as ex-industry professionals, we understand the value of discretion, we promise that candidates
and clients are treated equally with respect and confidentiality.”



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Our business has a strong candidate sourcing methodology, derived from our wide industry knowledge, our talent pooling and a commitment to using a focused headhunting capability. This has helped us to create our proven process. It is guaranteed to give you the best possible candidate and competitor access.  Our process is simple and straight forward consisting of five major steps 

Step One: The Retainer The start of our recruitment process begins with a retainer. As headhunters, our work is highly confidential and includes a high touch approach to delivering an exceptional candidate and client experience. A retainer allows us to undertake work on your behalf and demonstrates to candidates that you are serious about filling your position. 

Step Two: The Heat Map Integral to our success as recruiters is our heat map process. This is an enhanced long listing exercise that is developed based on a detailed understanding of the client and the brief. Heat mapping produces a wide longlist in terms of experience, attributes and expectation. Not all the profiles are aware they are on the list at this stage, but the client’s feedback allows us focus and further hone our search, to find the best possible and most relevant candidates for the shortlist. 

Step Three: The Shortlist Working with our client we rationalise the heat map to produce a shortlist. The shortlist features the most relevant, engaged and qualified candidates. These candidates are progressed to the interview stage. 

Step Four: The Interview Process At the interview stage, we provide full support to both candidate and client to ensure the most effective interview strategy. This includes managing the administration of the process, collating and coordinating feedback and assisting/delivering offer management.  

Step Five: The Hire We support our clients and candidates through the resignation process to start date and beyond. We see our hiring process as the first step of your retention process. By keeping candidates engaged and motivated through the pre-start and post-start period, we deliver placements that add value and last. The above process can be adapted to support any client-specific requirements. Our process is both efficient and flexible and can support activities including psychometric testing, pre-screening regimes and any role-specific vetting.  



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Your career choices are the path to success and happiness. Your next role should play to your strengths, ambitions and previous experience. As a niche recruitment company, OCR wants to meet your needs by working with you on a close, personal level to realise your potential.

As a team of commodity-related professionals, we are able to utilise experience and expertise to understand the requirements of you and the clients. We will not waste your time or the clients in delivering the best match. OCR sees our candidates as future clients.

With discretion and knowledge, we will guide you from your CV to your next exciting opportunity. Please send CVs and general enquires to

All applicants can be confident that OCR Commodities is committed to a policy of equal opportunities irrespective of disability, race, age, marital status, gender and sexual orientation.













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We Make People Happy

Over the year I have known Andy his advice on recruitment and networking has been essential to the development of my business. Andy will be my first port of call for any recruitment needs in my business and his knowledge of the specialist subjects are impeccable.

Alan Parkinson

Andrew's a fantastic person to work with Thoughtful creative and with a great sense of humour, the assignments that Andrew has worked through with me have been a great success. His ideas and contribution to discussions always make you feel like you are moving forward.

Paul Kennedy

Andrew has an amazing depth of knowledge in the coffee and commodity sector. I would recommend Andrew to anybody he will never let you down.

Paul Adlam



Coffee House, 63 Union Street, London SE1 1SG

Tel: +44 (0) 203 865 7883

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